Multicategorical Paraprofessional

Dubuque Community Schools | Dubuque, IA, United States

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Posted Date 5/11/2022
Description Job Description

POSITION TITLE: Health Paraprofessional

Recruited By: Executive Director of Human Resources/Health Services
Coordinator/Building Principal

Type of Authority: Staff
Reports To: Building Administrator(s), Health Services Coordinator, Nurse
Consults With: School Nurse, Secretary/Business Manager, Teachers, Administrator(s), Health
Services Coordinator, Forum Staff, Parents, Medical Professionals, and General Public

This person will be responsible for providing health care services to students under the supervision of the
school nurse and working with students, teachers, and other building staff members to assist in the
delivery of the educational program.

1. Must be 18 years or older and have a high school diploma or equivalent
2. Must have certification in First Aid/CPR commensurate with age group.
3. Must be able to deal with emergency situations
4. Must have knowledge of and able to identify common health problems
5. Ability to learn health related procedures and tasks as delegated by the School Nurse
6. Knowledge of maintaining health records and files
7. Completion of a state approved medication administration course
8. Complete course for the identification and mandatory reporting of child abuse
9. Possession of a valid drivers license. May be required to transport students in personal vehicle.
10. Ability to work with students with disabilities.
11. Good written and oral communication skills
12. Good organization skills
13. Ability to remain calm and professional in stressful situations
14. May be required to successfully complete training in dealing with behavioral interactions with

15. May be required to successfully complete training in instructional support.
16. Must have physical stamina and maintain it to do the job responsibilities, including lifting, pushing,

and pulling 50-75 pounds
17. Must possess ability to sit, stand, walk, and climb stairs.
18. Must exhibit cleanliness, neatness, and appropriateness in appearance and dress.
19. Must be able to model to students and peers a commitment to appropriate public behavior toward all

students, workplace, colleagues, and the public
20. Must be willing to model to students and peers appropriate actions that support the Wellness policies.

21. Must possess computer skills to utilize various computer software and/or be able to learn required

22. Must have experience in working with problem solving and is flexible in problem-solving situations.
23. Ability to recognize sensitive information and maintain confidentiality.
24. Willingness to learn new jobs, technologies, and other job related duties.
25. Willingness to transport students in personal vehicle if needed.
26. Ability to work effectively as part of a team achieving common goals, is agreeable, tactful, and

cooperative with staff, students, parents, and community members.
27. Knowledge of developmental stages and needs of different ages of students.
28. Accepting of constructive suggestions and attempts to put the suggestions into operation at work or in

attitude toward assigned tasks.
29. Ability to positively demonstrate genuine caring and respect for others.

1. Provide first aid and CPR within limits outlined by the health office policies and in accordance with

skills taught in approved First Aid and CPR courses.
2. Administer medications and keep health records in accordance to the health office policy.
3. Contact the school nurse or other school nurse if not available in case of major illness or serious

injury of a student or school personnel.
4. Provide routine health and emergency coverage per direction of the school nurse during the absence

of the school nurse from the building.
5. Provide assistance to the school nurse in completing record review and health assessment reports as

delegated by the school nurse.
6. Contact parents/guardians of the ill or injured student in accordance with the established health office

policy, and if necessary, prepare the student for transport.
7. Communicate effectively with appropriate school personnel regarding disposition of student(s) sent to

health office.
8. Communicates effectively with agencies, and general public as directed.
9. Maintain confidentiality in and outside the school environment.
10. Provide academic support as assigned.
11. Record health office visits, student’s symptoms and the disposition.
12. Complete all required student documentation in a timely manner.
13. Assist in communicable disease prevention by reviewing and communicating immunization needs of

students as directed by school nurse.
14. Assist with health screening activities.
15. Maintain and file health office records.
16. Assists students with personal and physical needs.
17. Assist with accommodations of students with special needs.
18. Demonstrate a willingness to participate in staff development and attends meetings and scheduled in-

services as required.
19. File Medicaid billing as instructed
20. Maintain a neat and clean health office environment.
21. Does work assignments accurately, neatly, and promptly systematically budgeting time.
22. Does other duties as assigned by supervisor.
23. Follow directions of supervising teacher and building administrator(s).

24. Demonstrate a commitment to multicultural gender-fair policies and practices.
25. Report foreseeable concerns or potential conflicts regarding students’ well being to supervising

teacher and/or administrators.
26. Supervise students as assigned.
27. Assists teachers with the design and implementation of the Individualized Education Program (IEP)

which may consist of a transition component requiring supervision of students in the community.
28. Prepare learning materials, resources, and equipment.
29. Provide clerical support for special education services.
30. Maintain effective discipline based on the policies and guidelines of the District.
31. Provide input and feedback to supervising teacher as requested.
32. Performs other related duties as directed by administration and/or certified staff.


7.0 hours/day; $15.12 per hour

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