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Posted Date 9/22/2022
Description Full-Time Pharmacy Technician Instructor EligibilityforDistrictCertificateisrequiredand includesoneofthefollowing:- A Bachelor's Degree related to the field in which you wish to instructwithtwo(2)yearsrelated and verifiedworkexperience.- An Associates Degree related to the field in which you wish to instructwithfour(4)yearsrelated and verifiedworkexperience.- One(1)yearoftechnicaltrainingwithfiveyearsofrelated and verifiedworkexperience.- Six(6)yearsofin-fieldandverifiedworkexperience.Eachitemlisted below must be fulfilled to become a District Certified Teacher:Years ofdocumentedFULL TIMEwork experience in the field you are requesting to teach is required.This documentation must:- Be submitted on the company letterhead of the business or businesses that you have worked for or an official verification of experience form submitted by the company. (Date of the letter must be within the last year)- Besigned by the person verifying the experience (not typed or initialed in the signature area).- Include start and end dates of employment in the format from: mm/dd/yyyy to: mm/dd/yyyy - Includespecificduties and/or responsibilities performed.

JOB CODE: 10668
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Requisition Number: 114724

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