UNIV--Dental Assistant III - College of Dental Medicine - Oral Rehabilitation - Implant

Medical University of South Carolina | Charleston, SC, United States

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Posted Date 1/01/1900

FLSA: Hourly

Job Summary: Under general supervision, provides chair-side dental assistance and technical support to dental students, postgraduate dental residents, and faculty dentists. Provides clinical and administrative support in the training of dental students and residents through patient care services and clinic operations

Payscale Salary Range: UNIV-Band 4: $28,216.00 - $40,210.00 - $52,204.00 (min - mid - max)

Job Duties: 

  • 35% - Assists College of Dental Medicine undergraduate and graduate students or attending faculty members with patient care in implant prosthodontics chair side patient care, as well as utilization of the electronic dental record software program (Axium). - (Essential)
  • 30% - Prepares assigned clinical duty section for morning and afternoon clinic sessions, to include stocking section of supplies, materials and instruments that may be needed for patient care. - (Essential)
  • 10% - Cleans, organizes, stocks and maintains individual treatment operatories and dental dispensary. Inspect materials and medicaments for expiration dates and replace as needed. - (Essential)
  • 5% - Provides administrative support in the clinic to include maintaining of MSDS/SDS notebook, reporting of equipment problems and filling out exposure and incident forms. - (Essential)
  • 5% - Assists in the instruction and teaching of Dental Assistant students with proper chair side assisting, safety and infection control techniques. - (Essential)
  • 5% - Assists in the Advanced Education in General Dentistry graduate program or Screening Clinics as needed or directed by supervisor. - (Essential)
  • 5% - Provides support to clinic infection control and sterilization procedures as needed in support of clinical operations and patient care. - (Essential)
  • 5% - Communicates with other sections or departments as needed to obtain treatment consults. Performs other related duties as required or directed. - (Essential)

Minimum Experience and Training Requirements: A high school diploma, one year of formal training in an ADA accredited dental assisting course and one year of dental assisting experience OR a high school diploma and two years of dental assisting experience. Certification in Radiation Safety required for positions responsible for dental x-rays.

Physical Requirements: Ability to perform job functions while standing. (Continuous) Ability to perform job functions while sitting. (Infrequent) Ability to perform job functions while walking. (Frequent) Ability to climb stairs. (Infrequent) Ability to work indoors. (Continuous) Ability to work from elevated areas. (Infrequent) Ability to work in confined/cramped spaces. (Frequent) Ability to perform job functions from kneeling positions. (Infrequent) Ability to bend at the waist. (Frequent) Ability to twist at the waist. (Frequent) Ability to squat and perform job functions. (Infrequent) Ability to perform 'pinching' operations. (Infrequent) Ability to fully use both hands/arms. (Continuous) Ability to perform repetitive motions with hands/wrists/elbows and shoulders. Ability to fully use both legs. (Continuous) Ability to reach in all directions. (Continuous) Possess good finger dexterity. (Continuous) Ability to maintain tactile sensory functions. (Continuous) Ability to maintain good olfactory sensory function. (Continuous) Ability to lift and carry 50# , unassisted. Ability to lift/carry patients to 350# (+/-), assisted. Ability to lift objects from floor level to height of 36 inches, to 50#, unassisted. Ability to lower objects, to 50#, from height of 36 inches, unassisted. Ability to push/pull objects to 350#(+/-), unassisted. Ability to maintain 20/40 vision, corrected. (Continuous) Ability to see and recognize objects close at hand. (Continuous) Ability to see and recognize objects at a distance. (Continuous) Ability to match or discriminate between colors. (Continuous) Ability to determine distance/relationship between objects; depth perception. (Continuous) Good peripheral vision capabilities. (Continuous) Ability to maintain hearing acuity, with correction. (Continuous) Ability to hear and understand whispered conversations at a distance of 3 feet. Must be ambidextrous. Ability to perform gross motor functions with frequent fine motor movements. (Continuous) Ability to be qualified physically (by medical personnel) for respirator use, initially and annually.

Employment Type
Full time
Healthcare & Public Health

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