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Top Virtual Interview Tips

5/18/2020Dr. Althea Walker, Dept. Mgr., Hillsborough County Public Schools Office of Teacher Recruitment
Top Virtual Interview TipsDr. Althea Walker, Department Manager, Hillsborough County Public Schools Office of Teacher Recruitment (813) 840-7167 Teacher.Recruitment@sdhc.k12.fl.usLearn the top teaching interview tips to help you get hired.Our school buildings may be empty because of the coronavir...

Easily-Applied Practices to “Rock” Your Career

1/07/2020Mike Ammons, Ed.D
As you enter the workforce, there are a variety of ways in which you can advance in your career. There are a countless number of books to provide advice and guidance on how to climb the ladder of success and to ensure that once you reach the top of the ladder that you do not discover that the lad...

The Ultimate Cover Letter Tool Kit

1/01/2020Alexandra Arrington
The Purpose of a Cover LetterMany people find it hard to write a compelling cover letter for two reasons: they don t know exactly what to write or how to write it. Understanding the purpose of a cover letter is the first step toward working through those common road blocks. Like the resume, cover...

The Right Way to Use LinkedIn and Manage Your Brand

12/30/2019Sean Lynott
As a Campus Recruiter for T-Mobile I get invitations to connect every day from students across the country (and world). These invitations tend to fall into three categories: the casual connect where the default message from LinkedIn is used and nothing else, the personal message, and the personal...

Helping Partnerships: How to Work with Career Centers, Staffing Firms, Recruiters and Career Coaches in Your Job Search

12/22/2019Amy Soricelli
We ve all been told at one point or another, that getting a job is the toughest job you ll ever have . While this is true, it doesn t have to be. Stepping from one adventure into another does not have to be filled with problems at every turn and roadblocks at the beginning of each new venture. Of...

Don’t Wait, Initiate!

12/07/2019Alexandra Arrington
Invariably, I will have an initial meeting with a client and they will share some variation of I have applied and applied for jobs, but I just haven t heard anything back. In my 12 years of career development work, when I hear that statement it s a clarion call that the client is in dire need of ...

The “ABCs” of Resume Accomplishments

11/20/2019Alexandra Arrington, LPCA, NCC, DCC, Career Counselor, Consultant and Coach
A good meal is even more enjoyable when there is care and attention placed into the details of making it. Everyone needs to eat, yet when choice isn t particularly limited, why not have the best? Taking the necessary steps to become an employer s candidate of choice involved submitting a r sum re...

The Lost Art of Personal Responsibility

4/20/2019Alexandra Arrington
Something I talk with my students about is personal responsibility. The all too common sentiment of that s not my job can be seen across industries in terms of customer service/client satisfaction, and the consequences are far reaching. There are so many amazing employees and businesses, but bad ...

The STAR Method of Interviewing: Be a Star on Your Interview

4/19/2019Amy Soricelli
There are a million and one ways to get a job these days . We probably know about all of them; networking, social media, company websites, research, career service offices, staffing firms, your best friend, and your mom. The bottom line with all of these wonderful avenues of opportunity is interv...

The Four Tenets of a Fulfilled, Impactful Career

4/19/2019Mike Ammons, Ed.D
Americans are workers, further proof of this statement is confirmed by recent reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics where, on average, employees work 47 hours per week. In some industries, it peaks at over 60 hours per week.But, with simple multiplication, you can surmise that over the cour...