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Top 4 Soft Skills You Need Post Graduation

6/14/2023Elvis Santos
As a Career Services Professional over the past few years, I ve had the pleasure working with some amazing students leading them towards career opportunities, resume building, and job searching. Every student has different needs and expectations. The job market has drastically changed post-pandem...

Tips for Landing Your First Job

6/14/2023Sean Lynott, MBA, CDR
I ve had the honor of being a recruiter and working with students for almost 20 years. During that time, I ve been able to meet some great students and develop strong relationships with career centers across the United States. First off, I d like to congratulate all of you reading this for finish...

Start Working Before You Start Working: The Importance of an Internship

6/14/2023Amy Soricelli
There is no question that the competition is fierce for the new graduate, regardless of industry. More than ever before, candidates are competing for the same jobs regardless of experience level or relevance. Unemployment is high, so candidates toss their hats into the ring whether that ring is a...

Welcome to Your M.B. S. (Mind, Body, Spirit) the Most Important Plan to Follow

6/07/2022Amy Soricelli
I m not sure about you, but I find times tougher than they ever were before. In addition to the everyday concerns we all have, there are extra worries that affect the health and wellbeing of (literally) everyone on the planet. That s a huge burden to carry around, especially for the college stude...

How to Create a 30/60/90 Plan for Your First Job

6/07/2022Sean Lynott, MBA, CDR
Congratulations to all recent graduates and those who will be finishing school soon! This is an exciting time in your life where the possibilities in front of you are only limited by your imagination. All the hard work in school has led to this moment where you can begin a successful career. I th...

Zig Zag Theorem: The 3 Moves of Career Advancement

6/07/2022Mike Ammons, Ed.D
As long as I can remember I have been a fan of the National Football League (NFL), amazed about the grace, agility, speed, and power these athletes would display on the football field despite being covered with pounds of protective equipment. But there has always been one particular player that f...

A Healthy Mind is Your Greatest Asset

6/07/2022Simone Campbell
After more than a year and a half, it s become clear that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that we live. From our social lives, recreational activities, careers and work arrangements, this new reality has made many of us feel more challenged engaging in daily activities. As we operate wi...

The Language of Professionalism Begins in College

6/07/2022Elvis Santos
Writing an email in high school for most students probably wasn t a big deal, but it is frequently used throughout students' college experience and certainly beyond college. It s an essential skill set that college students must instill as they start to communicate with professors, academic advis...

How to Simplify HBCU Recruitment| HBCU Careers

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have untapped pools of talent waiting to be hired. Students of any race and ethnicity can apply and there are over 220,000 students enrolled, according to the U.S. Department of Education. HBCU Careers is dedicated to connecting employers with ...

Drive Top Talent To Your Virtual or In-Person Job Fair

Careers fairs are amazing for expanding your talent pool and making a lasting impression as an employer, whether they are in-person or virtual. Hosting a job fair can include many challenges, but promoting your event doesn t have to be one of them! HBCU Careers national platform can help you recr...