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Drive Top Talent To Your Virtual or In-Person Job Fair

Careers fairs are amazing for expanding your talent pool and making a lasting impression as an employer, whether they are in-person or virtual. Hosting a job fair can include many challenges, but promoting your event doesn t have to be one of them! HBCU Careers national platform can help you recr...

Top Strategies for Diversity Recruitment | HBCUCareers

Promoting diversity awareness and gaining diverse talent is one of the biggest challenges for most businesses today. Is it time you upgraded your diversity recruitment strategies? Learning how your company can better connect to, market to, and recruit minority students and graduates will put you ...

Best Job Recruiting Resource for Top Talent Online

Best Job Recruiting Resource for Top Talent OnlineShort-Handed at your company? Struggling to find good employees? HBCU Career's digital recruitment network makes it simple to find THE ONE. Posting on hbcucareers.com spreads the word to your industry s top recruits through amazing protocols, reac...

Nailing the Interview

5/01/2021Sean Lynott, MBA, CDR
You re only a few weeks away from wrapping up your degree, congrats! Maybe you ve already finished school, equally impressive. You might be asking yourself, what now? How do I land that all important first job? While there are many important factors to consider, I m going to focus on one critical...

The Word for the 2021 Job Search is "Fearless"

5/01/2021Amy Soricelli
Back in December, 2020, we were asked by our Chairman to come up with a word for the coming year . I gave some thought to the job search process, the challenges the next graduating class faces, and the uncertain and changing times in which we are living. After reviewing what is needed for success...

The New 9 to 5

5/01/2021Mike Ammons, Ed.D
The only constant in life is change and given the impact of the recent global pandemic of COVID-19, this truth has never been more relevant than it is today. The landscape of work has changed and we have been introduced to terms such as Skype, Zoom, Meet, and Teams - words that have taking on a n...

Top 5 Benefits of Incorporating Digital Recruitment

Think about how the Internet has changed everything: The way people interact with others nowadays, using social media to stay in touch with family and friends; The way we all shop online for gifts and order food to eat. Now companies are following that pattern and recruiting their talent online. ...

Adapting to Changes in the Recruitment Industry

Recruiting new employees has changed so much over the years. There used to be a time where people would mainly look in the newspapers for job listings. Sitting down at their table, circling their desired jobs, and making calls to the employer. With the introduction of new technologies over the de...

Negotiating a Job Offer

7/01/2020Simone M. Campbell
When considering a job offer, it s no surprise that most people are not comfortable asking for more money once their job search has ended. The thought of negotiating your new salary can be daunting. No one wants to risk losing an offer in hand, particularly if the salary is reasonable. Thankfully...

How to Network at a Career Fair or Career Workshop!

7/01/2020Amy Soricelli
Congratulations! You ve been invited to attend a career planning workshop! (or) You ve been invited to a career fair! While most of us would meet these invitations with excitement and enthusiasm, some of us are less inclined to be thrilled with putting ourselves out there and all the moving parts...