Teacher, Work Experience Coordinator(PAES Lab) - STEM/CTE(2023-24)

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Posted Date 7/26/2023

Job Title: Teacher, Work Experience Coordinator(PAES Lab) - STEM/CTE(2023-24) and Requisition ID number: 100187

Close Date: 11:59 PM on

Organizational Unit: STEM/CTE (10001056)

Site: Davis Center (0001)

FTE: 1.0 FTE, 39 weeks; this is based on full-time equivalency with 1.0 being full time

Union: Teachers(04)

Functional Area: Teaching

Resume and Cover Letter are mandatory to apply for any position.


2 Positions available


Provide quality instruction aligned to the state and national standards. Use a variety of assessment strategies - diagnostic, formative and summative, to inform instructional decisions and increase student self-management of learning.


* Have a working knowledge of and implement the Minnesota State Standards and the District Graduation Requirements; knowledge of the subject matter, classroom management techniques, current researched best practices and strategies, as well as students' learning styles and needs, both academic and affective.

* Teach students the required curricula using strategies that foster thinking, reasoning and problem solving.

* Collaborate with peers to develop, plan and implement best practices based on the needs/abilities of the students.

* Assess students' developmental, cognitive and social needs and provide developmentally appropriate instruction to meet those needs.

* Create lessons and learning environments that are safe, respectful and interesting as well as multicultural/gender and ability fair/developmentally appropriate.

* Collaborate and communicate regularly with families in making educational decisions and use family and community resources to support learning.

* Acquire knowledge of the goals of the Minneapolis Public School District Improvement Agenda and site/school goals. Work to support and achieve those goals.

* Assess own instructional effectiveness through the Professional Development Process (PDP).

* Work collaboratively with county Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors to assist in the development of a coordinated student referral process to Rehabilitation Services.

* Disseminate the coordinated student Vocational Rehabilitation referral system to all high schools in MPS and participate in staff development transition activities district wide.

* Work to assist individuals with disabilities to find employment, retain, and upgrade employment.

* Implement system to monitor student’s progress on the job, orient work supervisors/job coaches to student needs and strengths, supervise work sites including district wide CBVT sites, sites developed by the high school, and OJT sites to ensure legal, appropriate, and safe working conditions.

* Increase career-learning opportunities through the development of job shadowing, job tours, post-secondary education tours, and service learning activities.

* Consult with staff, students, parents, and adult service providers regarding appropriate transition-related plans and activities including specific strategies to enhance occupational success of special education students.

* Provide Career and other Transition assessments for the purpose of evaluation or re-evaluation.

* Participate in ongoing and regular staff, team and individual professional development.

* Participate in on-going job embedded professional development.

* Incorporate cultural relevancy into daily instruction and instructional practices.

* Hands-on, project based instruction.


* Bachelor's Degree from an accredited university.

*A valid Work Experience Handicap Coordinator License or Work Based Learning License; or proof of pending approved licensure.

* Prior successful experience student teaching or teaching in an urban, multicultural education setting.

* Demonstrated continued professional development through course work, research, peer collaboration and/or job-embedded staff development.

* Master's or PhD preferred.

*Restorative Justice practices model knowledge preferred

*Training and knowledge of project-based learning model preferred.


Final candidates may be invited to interview with a committee. Final appointment to this position will be contingent upon passing a criminal background check.


Diversity is one of Minneapolis Public Schools core values and is essential to our goal of putting children first and making them college-ready. Diversity of our workforce provides us with a competitive advantage and allows us to better understand, communicate with and educate our diverse student body. Minneapolis Public Schools will not deny anyone the opportunity for training or employment because of sex, race, religion, color, creed, national origin, marital status, age, sexual preference, disability or status with regard to public assistance.

Minneapolis Public Schools strongly encourages diverse candidates to apply.

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