Best Job Recruiting Resource for Top Talent Online


Best Job Recruiting Resource for Top Talent Online

Short-Handed at your company? Struggling to find good employees? HBCU Career's digital recruitment network makes it simple to find “THE ONE.” Posting on spreads the word to your industry’s top recruits through amazing protocols, reaching a large audience of highly qualified job seekers. More than just a website, HBCU Careers is a valuable digital recruiting resource to find and hire top talent.

Save time and manage open positions for your business quickly & easily with just a few clicks! HBCU Careers can meet the talent sourcing needs of both large and small companies. Recruiters can choose from single job postings to flexible slots that allow you to switch job posts anytime. can even do the posting for you with our automated job scraping. Browse our great rates and variety of job posting options on our Employers Info page.

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Find and Hire Top Talent

Once your 30-to-60 day job posting is created, it is instantly shared amongst our vast pool of over 500,000 job seekers, registered on our site from all around the country! The talent pool is also searched so that the best-qualified candidates can apply quickly and easily. Using descriptions and keywords from the job posting you’ve created, matching candidate profiles get a real-time text or email alert about your company’s available position. As the best job site entirely focused on your industry, we attract the best talent looking for new positions. Employers can add screening questions and easily filter top candidates.

At the same time our registered job seekers are notified, your company’s job posting will rotate through all of our social media streams. Within 24 hours of posting, new jobs are shared on HBCU Career’s Facebook and Twitter pages and will appear in the newsfeed not once, but twice. This gives broad exposure to not only job seekers following HBCU Careers, but word is spread through moms, friends, former co-workers, and the like who can encourage qualified applicants to submit their resume.

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More Than Just A Website

Your posting is also given exposure to young, educated top talent due to our relationships with over 100 participating HBCU schools. You’ll love the benefit of connecting with diverse campus & careers services offices at HBCU colleges and universities across the country. 

We are proud to offer Google Jobs for every job posting on Job seekers can easily find any job posting from a simple google search! All our site pages use PMSM (proper modern semantic markup,) including the structured job data required by Google for job results to show.

Finally, on top of our social media presence, HBCU school network, and Google jobs, we share your job posting thru RSS feeds. That includes job boards, workshops, labor departments, and more. Our RSS feeds reach almost 100 different sites where your company’s open position will be displayed. Job seekers can easily find any of our job postings from a simple online search!


Each and every job posting completes these protocols so your open position gets a wide range of exposure beyond the digital recruitment website. Find the qualified candidate with the right fit for your company culture quickly and easily. Go to our website today to register for free and get your employer account started. You’ll see how easy it is to post jobs, filter candidates, and find THE ONE for your business.