Drive Top Talent To Your Virtual or In-Person Job Fair


Careers fairs are amazing for expanding your talent pool and making a lasting impression as an employer, whether they are in-person or virtual. Hosting a job fair can include many challenges, but promoting your event doesn’t have to be one of them! HBCU Careers national platform can help you recruit potential candidates in your region with a low-cost listing of your hiring event in our Career Events Calendar.

 Open Houses, weekly Hiring Days, Career Expos and more are wonderful ways to welcome and introduce your company to potential hires. How far ahead should you start planning such an event? Experience tells us five to six months lead time is the sweet spot, especially to give participants sufficient advance notice. The sooner recruiters and job seekers know your event date (and time), the more likely they can attend. HBCU Careers is a great avenue for driving awareness and traffic in your specific geographical area. because we have a presence in nearly all the HBCU schools across the nation. Let HBCU Careers help you get the best attendance for your hiring event. It’s a very easy process to get started:


  1. Register as an Employer on our website
  2. Purchase the “Advertise Your Career Event” package
  3. We’ll send an email with details for posting your event
  4. Your event promotion begins
  5. You Host a successful event!


The virtual or in-person event promotion includes not only a high-quality listing on the HBCU Careers Events Calendar, it’s also posted throughout our strong stream of social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Our many followers will be notified about your upcoming event consistently until the event has occurred.

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We also send notifications to our large database of registered job seekers in your state and target area. is open and available to any and all job seekers regardless of university status or race. Finally, your career event details are broadcast to local HBCU schools to alert top talent from all ages and backgrounds of your career expo.


Businesses like hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and retailers are known to have an increased employee turnover rate compared to other industries so hosting regular hiring day events can be an efficient way to build awareness and interest. But clear and effective communication will be crucial to the success of such recruitment events. HBCU Careers offers an affordable solution to get your hiring events promotions in front of qualified candidates so they know when and where your online or in-person events will be occurring.

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Not all job fairs are successful. While it may be challenging to draw participants to your job fair, there are certain services, like HBCU Careers, you can utilize when planning your event to improve the number of people that take part in it. Take advantage of our free Employer Registration and get started with HBCU Careers today.