Top Strategies for Diversity Recruitment | HBCUCareers


Promoting diversity awareness and gaining diverse talent is one of the biggest challenges for most businesses today. Is it time you upgraded your diversity recruitment strategies? Learning how your company can better connect to, market to, and recruit minority students and graduates will put you ahead of the competition. It all starts with creating a strong and well-planned internal and external recruitment strategy at your company.

Recruitment Sites

For you to be able to effectively discover a diverse talent for your recruitment, you should be recruiting in places where diversity thrives. Universities usually have one or many student groups representing minorities but recruiting sites like help optimize your recruiting process. Here at HBCU Careers, relationships with top Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) around the country are strong and long-lasting. Our long 24-year history of working with the 100+ HBCU Career Services offices has helped both employers connect with diversity candidates, as well as students prepare for career planning and the job search process. Get exposure to motivated, top talent and benefit from the digital recruitment relationships we have with nearly all the HBCU Schools across the nation.

Treat your recruiting process similar to sales and make job recruitment a breeze with applicant tracking features included on the HBCU Careers digital recruitment platform. Message applicants, add personal notes, and even forward applicants to other staff. Check out all of the great features in our Employers Info Page. Through our recruitment site, you can target and build strategic partnerships with HBCUs all over the nation to increase your company’s diversity recruiting return on investment. 

Establish A Diversity Brand
Your business’s career page and its social media streams can do wonders in establishing your diversity brand. 

  • Post demographic stats, testimonials, or videos interviewing minority employees from all levels
  • Highlight major employee resource group activities
  • Showcase diversity awards your company won
  • Publish a strong diversity statement from your CEO displayed proudly for the public to see

You can also incorporate Diversity Charter images to your brand. And don’t stop at just the digital sources, but add all these items to your company’s print materials as well. 

Using Social Media
Social media does more than building your brand, it also allows you to identify and target very specific candidates. As a business you can join groups on Facebook and LinkedIn that effectively channel you toward diverse candidates. Start by checking out HBCU Careers Facebook or LinkedIn and get connected. Through your own social media, a great way to highlight diversity is to show support for your current employees by posting about their accomplishments. A simple employee of the week or month post can boost morale and look very friendly to possible recruits. Welcoming posts like these are very attractive to younger groups, especially recent college grads that are very well versed in social media. 

With these recruitment strategies in place, you will be able to find and hire top talent suited for your company culture. Diversity awareness and gaining diverse talent won’t be the challenge it was for your company in the past. HBCU Careers is here to help you connect with the top Historically Black Colleges and Universities around the country. Check out and get your free Employer Account started today.